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Welcome to my blog! I am a run-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, daydreaming, water chugging, fitness fanatic entrepreneur. I consider leggings as pants, and you will catch me sporting a pineapple bun more times than I’d like to fully admit. Most importantly, I am a boy mom and a wife to some very energetic boys. They’re basically the tornado I have always dreamed of. When I am not cleaning up messes in my home or running after my boys, you will find me either training in the gym, researching ways to cope with hormonal dysfunction, or creating new recipes in my kitchen. I never start a day without a huge glass of coffee. Yes, I said glass! I am also a TJ Maxx addict. Don’t tell my husband I just admitted that… I function best when I am on a routine, and, luckily, it was the one thing I passed on to my boys. I pass time drooling over food photography, and I have a fetish with perfect flay lays. I typically consume around sixteen vitamins per day, and I wash them down with all things chocolate. For some reason my favorite color is white, but I also spray tan weekly…

Buns & breadcrumbs introduction
The Career Path that Chose Me

I have been in the fitness industry for ten years, originally starting my college career as an art major. Once I finished several semesters in the art field, mostly in photography, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the science field. I am an absolute nerd at heart, and I can stare at some good histology slides and anatomy diagrams any day. I am currently a Kinesiology student working my way towards my bachelor degree one class at a time, along with minoring in Nutrition Science. I have worked in and out of commercial gyms for the last ten years, eventually starting my own business out of my home. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the country. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing individuals! My role as a Coach has become such a special title to me. I have made a point to further my education any chance that I get in order to really help my clients. Being a true empath, I fully invest and engage with each and every client I work with. I have competed nationally as a bodybuilding athlete for almost seven years, which has opened so many educational doors. As of now, I am NASM and Precision Nutrition (PN1) certified with several more to come very soon. 

Till Death Do Us Part

My husband, Justin, and I met in college, but I will save that story for another day. We have been inseparable ever since. I was attracted to him at first sight, and we soon found out we were both majoring in Kinesiology. Ding ding! He’s a sports fanatic, thrives in the outdoors, and enjoys traveling just as much as I do. Let’s just say we click! We got married on August 13, 2016, making all of my childhood dreams come true. We both planned on having a family one day, but within the first few months of meeting, I broke the news that I had a hormonal condition that may inhibit me from having children of my own. He shockingly accepted me for me, and we decided to cross that bridge when we got there. In July of 2013, we got the best news of our lives. I was pregnant with our first son, Jaxxen! It shocked us because we did not expect to get pregnant so quickly without infertility treatments. I finished out my pregnancy in Texas, as we had decided to move there for a job opportunity my husband was offered. My hormones were closely monitored due to my body having low progesterone levels, and Jaxxen decided to arrive a whole four weeks early. His birth story really is beautiful. Labor was long, but I still remember his, all too familiar, scream that filled the room. He was so healthy, and fortunately for all of us, he never needed NICU care. In 2018 we got a surprise that we will never forget. I found out I was five weeks pregnant with another little boy. Shortly after seeing his little heartbeat on the big screen, his life was cut short on our two-year wedding anniversary. It ended up being a very sad and dark time for our family, especially for Jaxxen. He wanted a sibling so desperately, that his little heart shattered at the loss of his future sibling. In August of 2019, we finally received the rainbow we had all prayed for – Axxel, Jaxxen’s little brother! My pregnancy with Axxel was very hard. I had to routinely check my hormone levels every four days for the first few months. We had early ultrasounds, and I was blessed with extreme morning sickness. We planned for him to possibly arrive early like big brother, Jaxxen, but we did not expect him to scare us so badly. I went into pre-term labor at 30 weeks, being admitted several times throughout an entire month before he decided to arrive. I endured many days in a hospital bed taking magnesium and steroids for his lung development. The moment he entered this world, fist first as my husband tells me, he let out a squeal that left the entire room full of tears. His lung development was so crucial, and all the trials we endured had worked. We ended up staying in the NICU for 12 whole days encouraging him to eat on his own, and we left with more appreciation for nursing care than ever before.

A Pineapple Bun Kind of Day

As a family of four, we are constantly running back and forth between check-ups, school, and after school activities, so there really is not much time to sit down and relax. If we aren’t making meals or cleaning bottles, we are juggling our schedules to ensure we still find time to hold up our healthy lifestyle. We build forts in the living room and find crumbs in the couches, our unfinished hardwood floor, and the vehicles. Grocery shopping has become a family outing that typically ends with kinder egg smashed on our leather seats. I wear baggy jumpsuits that are stained with spit up, and I have a diaper genie full of stinky diapers in the corner of my bedroom. My study time consists of cheese sticks, living room concerts, and teething tabs, while my hair doesn’t see shampoo for several days in a pineapple bun. All in all, my life is a blessed hurricane of buns and breadcrumbs!

With this blog, I plan on sharing my survival methods on being a working mother and wife. I want to share how I hold down my home and keep my family from succumbing to the crumb-filled cracks. I want to express how I have coped with a life full of hormonal dysfunction, infertility, and pregnancy loss. I want my research and education to impact more people, helping others to gain control of their health in order to tackle their own version of tornados. I know this scene I just described is all too familiar, so why don’t we all make the best of it. I will pull up my best top knot and use the most appealing filter I have to give you front row seats to my breadcrumb-filled life.

Welcome to our hurricane!

The Asletts

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