Vanilla Raspberry Almond Protein Overnight Oats

Vanilla Raspberry Almond Protein Overnight Oats

Overnight oats have become a huge staple in our house lately, especially on the busiest days of the week, which are typically weekdays during the school year. I can easily prepare it the night before, grab, and go as I am running out the door early in the morning. Vanilla raspberry almond protein overnight oats have been the biggest hit so far! It tastes like sweet summer is well on its way. The combination of raspberries and almonds is the perfect mix, not to mention it is absolutely stunning to look at and shares some amazing health benefits as well. Overnight oats are typically served chilled but would taste just as divine warmed on a brisk fall or winter morning.

Vanilla Raspberry Almond Protein Overnight Oats

Breakfast here in our house needs to be quick, convenient, and delicious so we can sprint to the Rover and make it to both school and the gym on time. We are far from the family who enjoys breakfast together as they discuss the most recent news or plans for the day, gracefully walking to the car single file, and arriving well ahead of the morning school bell. I am the type who leaves the house as is regardless of the hurricane that may have hit the prior day, pineapple bun super high, wearing two different shoes. I inhale breakfast on the road or as I am double-checking homework that is done and located in its assigned file ready to be graded. My top priority is checking several times to make sure everyone has a coat and shoes on. The mess we leave behind typically waits until later… Needless to say, a nutritious meal in a jar is exactly what this mom needs for those early mornings. Overnight oats – you are my saving grace. Oh, the places you will go with me!

I actually discovered overnight oats several years ago, but I was hesitant to try them at first as I figured it was inconvenient to make food or plan ahead the night before a busy day. Little did I know that planning the night ahead would end up being way easier for my schedule than trying to throw something together last minute during the hustle of early mornings with kids and meetings with clients. Since then, there has been access to tons of recipes online, and I doubt there is a single blend that doesn’t taste amazing. I know I have yet to find one I didn’t like! I really enjoy trying different recipes with seasonal fruits and specific holidays. The variety keeps my palette colorful and my budget happy.

Health Benefits of Overnight Oats

Breakfast has been known to be one of the most important meals of the day. It is the kickstart we all need to get up and start moving. Eating a well balanced breakfast greatly improves our brain function, which we all know we need so we can thrive each day. It also increases our blood flow and fires up our metabolism, which greatly benefits our over all health in general. Overnight oats are a great food opportunity to create a delicious balanced and nutrient-dense meal. I love pairing it with AMPD Nutrition’s core products, especially Pro Vanilla and Pro Cocoa vegan pea protein. I have a very difficult time fitting protein into my breakfast even though I know how important it can be for my overall health. When adding protein to my overnight oats, I ensure that I am getting adequate amounts in my first meal of the day even when I barely take notice because it is so delicious. The fresh fruit helps give the body a quick boost of energy and fights off free radicals with their antioxidant benefits, while the oats ensure lasting energy throughout the morning and well into the next meal. If that already didn’t sound like enough healthy benefits, it is also loaded with healthy essential fats from chia seeds and sliced almonds. Having adequate amounts of healthy fat in our diets improves our natural hormonal function and brain capacity. Overnight oats are basically a jar full of healthy brains and beauty! 

Macro & Meal Prepping Friendly

If you are a macro tracker like me, then you will love the flexibility overnight oats have. It is super easy to pre-measure ingredients before combining and layering them together while also making sure that you are sticking to the plan. Macro tracking is absolutely not necessary for those who prefer not to track. You can also plan several days ahead and prep up to three to five days’ worth of breakfast meals as long as they are stored in the refrigerator. Um, hello! How convenient is that? Count me in!

Allergen Substitutes

I also love that there are so many ways around specific food allergies! I personally know how hard it is to create meals being lactose and gluten intolerant, so this delicious meal can easily have substitutes if needed. In this recipe I chose AMPD Nutrition Pro Vanilla pea protein because of the quality and taste, along with the advantage that it is very gentle on my sensitive digestive system. The dairy free Oui yogurt is a coconut-based alternative to yogurt, which can easily be replaced with a dairy product if you prefer.

 Hot or Cold

Most of the overnight oat recipes recommend them to be served chilled, but I know that some prefer a warm breakfast. It can absolutely be warmed up and enjoyed at any preferred temperature. As for what oats to choose, I prefer old-fashioned oats because they soak up the yogurt and become super soft.

Beautiful Layers

The secret to making a beautiful jar of overnight oats is the proper layering. Is it essential? No, but you can absolutely throw all of the ingredients in at the same time and wake up to a delicious breakfast. If you are like me and enjoy the pleasing appearance of food (I think that’s the inner photographer talking), then I like to prepare my overnight oats with aesthetic layers. I like to layer the ingredients in a sequence that ensures the oats soak enough moisture to become super soft instead of a hard texture. I start with the pureed raspberries and then garnish the top with some crunchy sliced almonds, letting the middles layers naturally settle and mix to the perfect consistency. 


1 Scoop AMPD Nutrition Pro Vanilla Protein

½ Cup Uncooked Old-Fashioned Oats

1 Jar Raspberry Flavored Dairy Free Oui Yogurt

½ Cup Fresh Raspberries

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Sliced Almonds


Prepare the fresh raspberries by washing and pureeing into desired consistency and set aside. Mix one scoop of AMPD Pro Vanilla pea protein with one jar of dairy free Oui yogurt and set aside. Measure out each remaining ingredient separately and prepare to start layering. Start the first layer with half of the fresh pureed raspberries, then next layer half the dairy free Oui yogurt Vanilla Pro mix, and top with half of the chia seeds. You will then repeat the same layering sequence one more time and garnish the top with the sliced almonds. Chill in refrigerator overnight and enjoy a beautiful jar of health come morning time!

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