About Me

Lacey Aslett

Hey there, I’m Lacey Aslett! I am a boy mom, wife, business owner, and student trying to survive my tornado of a life. Health and fitness has been a huge passion of mine as long as I can remember, so I decided to start my own training business from scratch. I currently own Belle Force Fitness, that now offers online and one on one personal training. I am NASM and Precision Nutrition certified, along with close to attaining a bachelor of science degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science.

As an athlete myself, I have competed at a national level in bodybuilding several times, which has opened many new doors and opportunities. I have now coached many athletes around the country helping them reach their true athletic potential.

My husband and I had the most beautiful wedding in August of 2016, surrounded by our close family and friends. We have been absolutely blessed with two beautiful blonde boys, Jaxxen and Axxel and one angel in heaven. Our boys have become the center of our universe since the moment we found out we were expecting our oldest. A life full of boys has been filled with messes, dinosaurs, and little to no sleep. Motherhood has been my ultimate job title and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It is hard, it is exhausting, but there is nothing a big glass of coffee can’t cure right?

Since I was a pre teen, I have experienced many hormonal dysfunctions, and eventually being diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis. I have spent many years researching ways to find relief for my continuous pain, which has greatly benefited me within my training business. My infertility has caused us to experience my pain, especially after losing one of our boys to unexplained circumstances. I have been forced to completely change my way of life, which has ultimately improved my overall health.

I originally started college as an art major, photography and interior design being my main points of interest. I ended up pursuing a career in a science field, but my passion for art has never been buried. I am obsessed with food photography and flat lays, which has become a personal hobby of mine. I am now able to combine my two passions into one, this blog: Buns & Breadcrumbs.